Jouer Best of Deeps Collection 

This one’s my favorite in the collection, Dahlia. It’s a metallic, cool toned plum. I don’t own a lipstick similar in hue to this, and it doesn’t look awful.. woo!


My sister doesn’t used batbombs (I use them in my foot soaks!) so she gave me these. I’m going to use the “Wellness” one to start, it’s intended to sooth congestion and provide sinus relief in. I have year-rounded allergies and consequently, sinus issues are a chronic thorn in my side.

These are some late Christmas goodies I got from a friend today, I hope everyone had a good one!

2x Cropped Sweaters

Younique Fiber Lash mascara

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Designer Blood 

Jouer Best of Deeps Collection 

2018 Journal (much needed!)

Halo modern Makeup Remover Fiber Cloths  (excited to try these!)