A Poison Tree

Poison Tree By Blake

This is a poem I’ve always been fond of, it’s by William Blake. I think it touches upon the slightly “darker” psychological aspects of human nature.

….The man who carries the burden of his own wrath is ultimately  consumed by it. It begins as a mere seed and ripens into a blossoming, poisonous apple. Now the apple’s at its peak…. his foe,makes his way under the tree during nightfall and eats the apple. By morning, the man wakes to the sight of his enemy sprawled out under the tree. This isn’t a good ending, but i think it serves as a reminder: harboring ill sentiments towards others is not only poisonous to those who bear them, but to those in proximity too.

 These negative sentiments are similar to the accumulation of dust. If dust is not tended to, its accumulation begins to contorts a web similar to its pains. Ill sentiments fall like flies, collect and multiply, continuing  to grow in frequency. From a tiny seed to a glorious, nevertheless, poisonous apple- it grows in proportion to its strength and begets havoc, not only upon the host, but others too.

My Bucket List: People and Places

  1. Visit Le Moulin Jaune in Crecy-la-Chapelle, France
  2. The Museum of Death in Hollywood, CA
  3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  4. The Poison Garden in England
  5. Experience the Dead Sea
  6. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
  7. Take a Dip in an infinity Pool 8]
  8. Meet Elon Musk before his career goes to shreds (hopefully not though)
  9. Visit The Beetle in Los Angeles ( a Tim Burton Themed Bar)
  10. Forest Lawn Cemetery Park and/or Hollywood Cemetery Park, CA
  11. Palace of Verailles in Versailles, France