Sage Cleansing

I cleansed my house with White Sage last night. From my experience, areas that I invest most of my time in have felt a sense of “heaviness” (for lack of a better word.) I thought it would do good to work more thoroughly on these weighty areas. In the morning, I woke up feeling as if my house felt “lighter” in a sense. This realization came before I had time to recollect that I cleansed my housed the night prior.

Anyways, I’m not too familiar with many of its affects. From what I’ve scanned through online, I’m inclined to believe that people experience different feelings, a sense of inner/outer peace, clarity of mind, and so on. I will continue cleansing to develop a deeper experience with it.

My Jade Roller

I’ve been through three of the same Jade Rollers I had purchased online, with all of them ending up broken. I should have stopped at the first- but at the time it helped my sinus inflammation at a pretty inexpensive price. I had recently bought a more efficient one at Sephora. I love it. It covers more ground due to being slightly larger and its less inclined to break at the ends where the jade roller meets. I stick this in the freezer and use it in the morning. The cold helps wake up the face and gets the circulation going, which I return helps alleviate my sinus pain!

5 Shades of Me

Listed below this paragraph are my five favorite colors. Each shade sprang forth a multitude of images, concepts and ideas in me. Similarly, these thoughts seemed to share root connections to other words within their category, or somewhat vague and metaphorical connections within their color category.

Here’s what each of the five shades evoked in me:

Emerald Green: Innovation, trickster, foresight, curiosity, life-giving, open paths … the trickster

Black: Depth, the sum of all parts; whole, unknown, psychic phenomena, infinity, and “behind the curtains” and also a “turning inward”
kind of feel.

Midnight Blue: All-encompassing, elusive, integrity, intricate, enigmatic, other-worldly, all that dwells in profoundly deep waters

which dwells in deep rivers

all that dwells in rivers which run deep.

Ruby Red: Passionate, provoking, bold modesty, elegance and a rushed temperament,

Plush Pink: Playful, airy, innocent, delicate, healing, soothing, airy, clarity, and winding meadows

Many of my impressions bared similarities with the concepts color psychology. And, Not surprisingly, many were also representative of my own personal sentiments

The “Critiqued” Child

This short video focuses on the deprivation of positive nourishment, beginning in infancy and its ripple affect that shadows you well into adulthood. How we endure, interpret, harbor, conceal and reveal ourselves through the “negative” in the world speaks about through our roots (a very intricate, tangled root system, at that.)

You may find this profitable for your own psyche… and perhaps draw your own personal inferences.



To mourn a soul still bound by their flesh-
A peculiar sentiment to nurture
One bountiful in sorrow and melancholic tune
Detached from space, any account of rationale
A fixation toward all that was; and will forever be; not

As time yields onward
and Dawn recedes with the tides;
The undercurrents of the psyche awaken
To rise, hovering above and below
A slithering tease against the etches of my spine
Lurid impressions that wax and wane,
Blurring in and out of focus; alternating pace
Alas, a slow proceeding inward
Teasingly, it slithers against the etches of my spine;
Dissipating back into the bowels of which it slept
Between the parallels of limbo
Lies the hymn of it’s eternity

Foresight…or an Apparition of the Mind?

Wordpress photo

I don’t know where I stand. But I fear the worst case is ultimately true. And, that I knew this before its dawn, for which there was no favorable end. In fact, there was nothing at all, but a barren slate. A slate to rehearse my thoughts so that they foster my fantasies and birth air castles. Nonsense, has always been a foe in matters such like this. I hate to admit, at times, they do not sync with this concrete world. This world is built upon matters more serious than what I’ve manufactured within. The material senses cannot tend to, nor comprehend such subjective fabrications. And with reluctance, I admit all of this, but in my heart I know there’s always possibility.

… Perhaps I underestimated my theatrical wishes which dwell behind the gates of my conscious realm. Perhaps it is true.

…But the validation I seek is scarce without.

… And with all of this said, I’m still left where I started: peering at the blurred lines from behind the starting line. I pray I haven’t lost it, perhaps I never had it just right.

Maybe there this is all a waste of words and I know the truth. It’s hard to know when society cannot grant me knowing;  A patch of dry land to rest my feet.